reviews: Birdcage - candlelight fantasia [Trailing Records - TR003]

Laurent Garnier
yes yes yes ....will play this a lot

Daniel Sanchez
Really great ep here!

Kaito (Kompakt)
Attemporal Change REMIX the one for me! great!!!

Jesse Somfay (Archipel / Traum )
I really love it. original track is my favourite of them all. Great work!

Never Knows / Silencefiction (Untitled&After / Looq)
I'm really into Candlelight Fantasia. It's like a march of colors split through a prism. The form of the breakdown is brilliantly unexpected. The remixes are all great expansions on the original.

Loving twisted melodies on the original, very sensitive track from Birdcage. More focused on the dancefloor works from Siles and Bateman sounds nice and I really love the club techno treatment on Attemporal remix.

this sounds crazy :-D welldone!!!

Maceo Plex - Maetrik (Crosstown Rebels, Cocoon, Audiomatique)
Attemporal & Bateman mixes for me!

Triumph(Espai Music)
Birdcage is on fire! Awesome original and remixes! Support!

matt john
just like patrick bateman remix, thx

Patriarca (Crash Music / Raydio Storm)
nice release... fresh and crazy sounds.

chris fortier (Fade)
all the remixes are pretty cool

downloaded for shinedoe.

Dj Harri (Subclub Glasgow)
liking Attemporal mix

Dan Sykes (Viva music / RTE)
Yup liking this, Candlelight Fantasia has a gritty beats get interest going straight away....not too sure where it

Tyler Stadius (Proton/Fabric)
Attemporal "change remix" is my fav here, Hypnotice track!

Cio D'Or (Prologue)
great EP, fantastic original from birdcage & good journeys around from the remixers! thank you!

Florian Schirmarcher (Perlon / FormResonance)
Attemporal remix is deep and solid. thank you!

Orde Melkle (Soma Records / Slam)
nice mixes - will try out thanx

Koy (Essential Booking)
Attemporal remix awesome. Techno bomb. 9/10

Horatio (Natural Rhythm / Viva Music)
good stuff i like them

Artur Reimer (Microfreak)
great ep! all tracks are really good!nice atmosphere and good grooves! Atttemporal Remix is my favourite, but i like to play all of them!

Ariane Blank (Shoes / Bags and Boys)
great ep!!!

Tony Verdi
Support!!!Error Error for me.

Joy Kitikonti (Start Records, Footlovers music)

Carlos Francisco (Sure Player Recs)
Rafa Siles is my only choice.. Melody rules...

I like very much this release, I will play

Dubfire (Sci+Tec)
Downloading For Dubfire

Afrilounge (8 bit, Connaisseur Rec.)
Attemporal rmx for me! will play!

Ryan Halifax
downloading for ryan.thx

Oscar Aguilera / Soul Of Life (Travelling Soul, Darkroom Dubs, Lapsus Music, La Terrrazza)
Nice release i will try, thanks!!

Uncle Roll (Proton Radio / Kiwi Club)
Attemporal remix sounds good;) My choice would be it!

Re-UP (UponYou, Dissonant, Kinamusic)
attemporal remix for us, good for a big warehouse session! thanks

Mieka Du Franx (Felinephonix Music, Nervous Records Robsoul)
Patrick's remix is sweltering, feelin this!!!

DJ Meri aka Cylon
very nice to hear something good and not typical for a change! Attemporal and Patrick Bateman remixes

Boris Hotton (Troubled Kids)
Attemporal mix is the one for me. i like.

Ivan Picazo (Espai, Cr2, Nulogic, Sincopat)
Cool EP! Congrats!! Rafa Siles Remix is awesome! I will play in my next podcast!!

Riyaz Khan (DiversionsRadioTronto)
top notch release - Patrick Bateman remix is great!


Audio Junkies (Renaissance, Audio Therapy)
very cool release!

Vinilette (Dame Records)
super good release! i like all tracks, thanks!

Marko Nastic (Easy Tiger)
patrik rmx for me!

Issac (Looq, We Are Here, Stripped)
Great EP! I'll support this for sure. Thanks

Darin Epsilon (Perfecto, Frisky Radio, Baroque, Perspectives)
Attemporal "Change" Remix sounds great! dark and atmospheric, really a cool remix.

Alberto R. (Klot Rec, Club4)
great, Attemporal&Patrick Bateman for me!

downloading for audiojack who will feedback if they like the track

Angel Molina (Sonar)
Really interesting, this record made me pay attention to the track much more than usualy. Partick remix is my fave track on it.

Sasch BBC
great! will play for sure! thanks alot

Pedro Bucarelli (Elektro System)
strange break but nice vibe, remind me some border community tracks, welldone! remixes are quite cool as well

Todd Burns (RAdvisor)

Ricky Ryan (warungclub / bringthebeats / sickwatona)
download for ricky ryan thanks!! xoo

Future Beat Alliance (Tresor)
lovely job .. will play this out for sure, thanks you X

Carlos Sanchez (8bit / Supernature)
nice ep! will try this mixes...thanks

Alberto Sola
original is something between 'the sky was pink' and another track... really really great pack!

Anderson Noise (Noise Music & Radio Noise)
love it

Francesco Farfa (Audio Esperanto / farfasound)
like it

Prudo / Alfa Romero
love this stuff.

Tsugi Mag (Tsugi Mag)
coool track and remixes

Javier Orduna (Resopal Schallware / Pong Musiq / Amam)
this is a really good ep, I love the Attemporal rmx and the original, but Rafa Siles sound good too!!

Bruno Sacco (Rationalism, Unlock, Trenton, Elegantbit)
great ep ! thanks...

Dirty Channels (Rebirth/BCBtec/Reinc
great sound and cool vibe! we appreciate

John Selway (CSM)
downloading for John Selway. thanks.

Charles Ramirez (hof/txitxarro)
I like Attemporal rmx full suport :=) thanks

Attemporal rmx rocks! support!!!

Luciano (Cadenza)
thanks for the music, I appreciate but will take time to listen to it and send you a feedback asap. L

Danny Tenaglia (Twisted)

Cora Novoa
very good original track, good progression with a dark background

Denis A (DAR)
great tunes! thanks

Alecs Marta (Cuatro/Treibstoff/Regula)
I like the whole release. fantastic remixes! specially the Attemporal job.

Oscar Vazquez (Liquid Groove)
great work! thanks

D-Formation - dinas
downloading fot D-Formation

Tim Thaler (BLN.FM)
for radio play, thanks.

Signal Deluxe (blaq,adjunct,thoughtless)
Patrick Bateman remix for us, nice production dark and freaky will play this one for sure

Pablo Rez (siteholder opossum frankie)
nice deep, original on top thanx

lula circus (resopal, acker)
great ep..original and patrick rmx for us!!!

Emilio Moncayo
Full Support!Fantastic music again from Trailing..Enhorabuena!

Patrick Bateman(Tic Tac Toe)
original is a big monster that can tear the roof of most clubs, a bit on the Border Community'ish type of things.

Love the original and Attemporal's remix!

Manuel Perez DJ
Sounds like a future classic. Mental greatness. Superb!

Nick Chatelain
nice track, thanx

Michel De Hey
cool release 3of4 are very useful!

marcos cruz (desertica records)
uf... i'm tripping with Attemporal "change" remix!! full support!

megablast (makossa & megablast) (G-Stone, Gigolo.....)
Attempotral remix is the one for me..

paco osuna (mindshake / plus 8)
download thank you :)

Nhitto (Cubic Capacity)
Full EP! Fantastic Attemporal & Patrick Bateman remix!

Lonya (Asymmetric Recordings)
Rafa Siles remix in the box, thx

Minz (Perspectiv)

Josian (Apsides Records)
original mix for me! full support!! ;)

and more...